Fish Coin Hunt

Monday: Fish Coin Hunt
Preschool Bible Lesson: The Coin in the Fish's Mouth: Jesus is God
Age Groups:
  • preschool
Equipment Needed:
  • small portable wading pool
  • water (outdoor) or packing peanuts (indoor)
  • fish-shaped sponges (these can be cut from ordinary synthetic cleaning sponges)
  • buckets (2)
  • toy pool nets (2)
  • one coin
Set up a pool containing either water (outdoors) or foam packing peanuts (indoors) and toy or sponge fish. One of the fish should have a coin hidden inside. You need two hand-held nets for fishing them out (similar to pool nets). Preschoolers take turns fishing a fish out of the pool with the net and running them to the team's fish bucket. When all the fish are out, have them look for the coin, and the team that has the coin wins. Get excited with them when they find it. Remind them that it was a miracle that Jesus sent Peter to find the coin in the fish and it was there. The coin may then be rehidden secretly in a random fish and all the fish returned to the pool for more gameplay.

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