Hiding from the Bad King

Thursday: Hiding from the Bad King
Preschool Bible Lesson: The Blind Army: God is very powerful. There is none like him.
Age Groups:
  • preschool
Equipment Needed:
  • crown for the king
One adult will play Elisha, and the other will play the bad King of Aram. (Give the king a crown so the children can identify him.) The children will play the Israelites, and the bad King of Aram wants to attack them, but Elisha will keep telling the Israelites where the King of Aram is going to be, so that they can go somewhere else and avoid the bad king.
(So, for instance, the Elisha adult might say, The Bad King of Aram is going to look for us over by the tree. Let's all run over by the shed and get away from him!) The King of Aram should pretend he doesn't see the children and always go where Elisha said he was going to go.

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