Crabwalking in the Footsteps

Wednesday: Crabwalking in the Footsteps
Elementary Bible Lesson: Look & Live (the snake on the stick): We should look to Jesus, trusting God for our salvation.
Memory Verse: John 3:14-15
Preschool Bible Lesson: TBA
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
  • teens
Equipment Needed:
  • footprint markers for the trails
  • objects to balance
Set up the footprints in a trail, winding across the yard. Depending on the age group, the trail can have twist and crisscross and loop and so on to a greater or lesser extent. Each team's trail should be a different color of footprints, so that they can tell which is which. (For preschool, you may just want one trail.)
Divide them into teams, and line each team up at the starting area. The first team member must crabwalk (see below) along the trail of footprints, following the trail to the finish line. For added difficulty, older agegroups may be required to balance an object (such as a shoe, a ball, or a bowl of ice water) on their stomach the whole time. When the first team member reaches the finish area, the leader releases the next team member to follow.
The crabwalk is achieved by going on all fours, with your stomach aimed up and your back down. You must crabwalk head-first, without allowing any body parts (except the hands and feet and possibly hair) to drag on the ground. (You can let preschool children just crawl instead of crabwalking, in which case you might want to put a few extra twists and turns in their trail.)

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