Water Relay

Tuesday: Water Relay
Elementary Bible Lesson: Daniel and the Satraps: God expects faithfulness
Memory Verse: 1st Corinthians 15:58
Preschool Bible Lesson: TBA
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
  • teens
Equipment Needed:
  • plastic plates
  • two large buckets
  • two smaller buckets
Divide the children into their red and blue teams. Give each team a plastic plate. (Rubbermaid plates like the ones distributed with Mainstay dogfood in the eighties work nicely. Otherwise, styrofoam will do in a pinch but not paper.) Line each team up in a line behind the starting line. Give each team a large bucket full of water at the starting line. Place a smaller, empty bucket for each team at the finish line. (For teens, place the buckets farther apart than for the younger children.) When the whistle is blown, the first person on each team must carry water on the plate from the large bucket to the small bucket, then give the empty plate to the next person, and return to the back of the line. Repeat until bucket is full (if time allows); each person may go more than once. The first team to fill their small bucket wins. (Repeat the game only if time allows.) The game leaders should keep plenty of water in the large buckets, using the hose as necessary. Whichever team wins the most number of times (or gets their bucket fullest if time runs short) should be awarded fifty points.
Pre-school Version:
Shorten the distance between the buckets, use cups instead of plates, and play all as one team together.

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