Dress-Up Relay

Friday: Dress-Up Relay
Elementary Bible Lesson: The Finish Line: Heaven (John on Patmos)
Memory Verse: 2nd Timothy 4:7-8
Preschool Bible Lesson: Throw Your Net on the Other Side
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • preschool
  • teens
Equipment Needed:
  • starting and finish lines (rope is good)
  • clothing: two of each item, one for each team (see ideas below)
Divide the children into their red and blue teams. Line each team up behind the starting line. When the whistle is blown, the first person on each team must don all the garments and things, run down to the relay line and back, and take off all the stuff so that the second person can do the same things, and so on, down the line, until the whole team has gone.
For preschool, use significantly fewer items than for the older groups, and they may need help getting them on. If there's time left over, you can just let them play dress-up with the oversize clothing.
For teens, use more clothes and make them bigger, floppier, and more outlandish. Add more accessories that they must carry, and put extra weight inside the items (e.g., in the backpacks and purses and belly pouches), to make them more awkward.
Clothing Ideas:
  • ties
  • belts
  • oversize shirts
  • jackets
  • enormous pants
  • hats and/or helmets
  • gloves and/or mittens
  • old clodhoppers, or floppy clown shoes
  • handkerchiefs or bandannas
  • purses
  • backpacks or satchels
  • water bottles
  • belt clips for: cell phone, keys, et cetera
  • eye patches
  • whistles (on lanyards)
  • Bibles
  • over-robes
  • winter coats, ski masks, etc.
  • snow pants
  • umbrellas (which must be carried open)
  • sweaters
  • oversized tube socks or tights
  • leg warmers
  • clip-on earrings
  • sports pads (knee pads, elbow pads, etc)
  • belly pouch / fanny pack
  • water wings or other inflatable accessories
  • swimming goggles, safety glasses, and/or sunglasses
  • medical mask or gas mask

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