Wet Sponge Dodgeball

Monday: Wet Sponge Dodgeball
Elementary Bible Lesson: Two Obedient Men (Caleb & Joshua): We should trust and obey God.
Memory Verse: 1st John 2:5
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • teens
Equipment Needed:
  • sponges
  • buckets
  • rope
Note: if it's cold at the beginning of the week, play the fourth night's game (Pile-Up) instead for now, and come back to this one later in the week when it's warmer.
Use a rope or something to mark a midpoint of the playing area. Put the pool (or buckets) full of water and sponges across the rope, so it can be reached from both sides.
Divide the kids into two teams, and explain the rules and boundaries. Basically, the goal is to hit every member of the other team with a web sponge, before everyone on your team gets hit. You can't cross the line, but you can approach the line to get sponges and/or to dip them in the water for better throwing. If you get hit by a wet sponge, you have to go stand on the sidelines (until the next game). When one entire team is out, if there's time left, put everyone back in and repeat.

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