Diving into the Whale

Tuesday: Diving into the Whale
Preschool Bible Lesson: Jonah: Obey God
Age Groups:
  • preschool
Equipment Needed:
  • plastic backyard-waterslide toys (1-2)
  • large cardboard box, decorated to look like a big fish
  • cooking spray
  • plastic indoor/outdoor sliding board (optional)
  • open cans of tuna (optional, for ambiance)
  • fish gack
Prepare ahead of time the plastic water slide toys (e.g., Slip 'n Slide) by spraying them with cooking spray and wiping it so that they are slippery without water. Lay them out end-to-end. Erect around it a "whale" (cardboard box), with the sliding surface going through the "mouth" (opening). Place a miniature slide at the start (if available).
Preschool children individually slide down the slide and onto the "tongue", wiggling and sliding into the great fish. The group must count to three in unison before the one in the "whale" box can come out, since Jonah was in the big fish for three days. Remind the children that while Jonah was in the fish, he decided to obey God, and then the fish spit him out.
Depending on the age and maturity of your group, as each child comes out, you can "slime" them with slime or silly string, since Jonah would have been slimy when he came out of the big fish.

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