Baton Relay

Monday: Baton Relay
Bible Lesson: David and the Lord's Annointed: Jesus should be Lord and Master of our lives.
Memory Verse: 1st John 2:3
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • teens
Equipment Needed:
  • baton objects (these can be basically anything)
  • marks for the starting line and relay line (e.g., rope or chalk line)
Divide the children into teams of four. Split each team of four into two groups of two. Place one group from each team at the starting line, and the other group from their team at the relay line. Give one person in the starting group from each team the baton for that team.
When the whistle is blown, the starting runner from each team must take the baton ring to the relay line and hand it off to the second runner there; the second runner must return the starting line and hand the baton ring off to the third runner, who must take it to the relay line and hand off to the fourth runner, who must carry the ring back to the starting line (which is also the finish line) to conclude the race.
Instruct the children to sit down after they have finished running their segment of the race (so that you will know who still has to run). Repeat as time permits, or until the children can no longer breathe.

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