Board Foot Walk

Tuesday: Board Foot Walk
Bible Lesson: Humans are sinful and require salvation. (Genesis 3)
Memory Verse: Romans 3:22
Age Groups:
  • elementary
  • teens
Equipment Needed:
  • Boards with straps on them (see Preparation).
Prepare an even number of long boards (two-by-fours are good) by attaching straps to them in loops at evenly spaced intervals. Each loop should be large enough to accommodate a shoe, and they should be at the same position on each of the boards. We've found that 3-4 straps per board (and thus 3-4 people trying to work together) works pretty well. You will need two boards for each team that will be playing the game at any given time, so e.g. if you plan to have two teams going at once you will need four boards. Wide straps are best for the loops (rather than thin straps or rope), especially if some children might wear flimsy shoes or even flip-flops.
Each team gets two of the boards. Set them side-by-side, and each person puts a foot under one strap on each board, so that the team has essentially two very long feet.
Have them (attempt to) walk together as a cooperative group, from one end of the playing area to the other. Then have them try to turn around and walk back. Race the teams against one another.

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