CTF Wargame

Thursday: CTF Wargame
Bible Lesson: Good Soldier: We should endure the world's contempt when living our faith and when sharing our faith.
Memory Verse: Romans 1:16
Age Groups:
Equipment Needed:
  • flags or icons for each team
Divide the children into two teams. Each team's objective is to retrieve the other team's flag/icon/thing while keeping their own secure.
  1. The field is divided into four sections, resembling a football field with endzones. Each team has a flag zone (in the back, away from the other team's area) and a main territory (adjascent to the other team's territory). The territory should be the largest area. The flag zone should be along the whole end, like a football endzone.
  2. Each team has one flag or icon, which is placed initially at the back center of the flag zone.
  3. Team members are forbidden to go into their own flag zone. They can only guard the front edge of it.
  4. Team members are safe in their own territory, but in the other team's territory may be tagged by any member of the other team. Tagging must be done one-handed below the neck. When tagged, they must go stand in jail outside the playing area with the game leader. If at any point most of both teams are in jail, the game leader may release everyone to return to play.
  5. If someone is tagged while carrying the flag, the games leader will return the flag to its starting position.
  6. First team to get the other team's flag back to their side wins.
  7. If nobody wins before time expires, the games leader will declare a draw.

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