Fishing for Christ Snack Lesson: Day One: Chocolate Coins

Monday: Snack
Elementary Bible Lesson: The Fish with the Coin: Jesus is God
Memory Verse: Matthew 16:16
Preschool Bible Lesson: The Coin in the Fish's Mouth
Key Item: Chocolate Coins
Chocolate coins can be purchased at most large grocery stores and from many other sources. We got enough to give each child a couple of coins with their snack.
Snack Lesson:
[Hold up a chocolate coin.] What's this? Well, I mean, it's chocolate obviously, but what's it made to look like?
Where do you usually find money? At the bank, maybe? In a piggy bank, or safe?
Have you ever been fishing? Did you ever catch a fish? When you catch a fish, does it usually have money?
In the Bible lesson today, we're going to learn about a time when a man named Peter caught a fish and found a coin in it's mouth. That may sound unusual, but it wasn't surprising for Peter, because the coin was right where Jesus told Peter the it would be.
Additional Snack Items (optional):
To make the snack more substantial, we served spaghetti and fresh fruit alongside the chocolate coins. We also provided Kool-Aid to drink.

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