Twizzlers: The Red Rope

Monday: Snack
Elementary Bible Lesson: Red Cord of Salvation
Memory Verse: Ephesians 2:8-9
Preschool Bible Lesson: Joshua and the Walls
Key Item:
Snack Lesson:
Hey, have you ever noticed the way these Twizzlers are shaped? They're not just straight on the sides, like a pencil. Actually, they kind of look braided, almost like a rope.
But they're red. Have you ever seen a red rope?
Did you know there's a red rope in the Bible? There sure is. Rahab hung a rope from her window, on the wall of Jericho, to let the Israelite spies down to safety, and later she hung a red rope from her window so that God would save her family when the wall fell down.
Additional Snack Items:
To make the snack more substantial, we served popcorn and mini-burgers alongside the Twizzlers. We also provided Kool-Aid to drink.

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