Kool-Aid: Instructions on the Packet

Tuesday: Snack
Elementary Bible Lesson: Do What It Says
(Ezra and Nehemiah and the Feast of Booths)
Memory Verse: James 1:22
Preschool Bible Lesson: Ezra Reads the Bible

Key Item: Kool-Aid
Serve Kool-Aid to drink with the snack.

Snack Lesson:
[Hold up a dry Kool-Aid packet, front side facing the kids.]
Have you ever made Kool-Aid to drink, or watched anybody make Kool-Aid? How do people know how to make it?
You know, it doesn't taste right if you don't do it right. If you don't put in the sugar, for example, it's very sour.

[Flip over the packet and show the back.]
Of course, the packet has instructions on it, right here, that tell you how to do it.
If you follow these instructions, your Kool-Aid always comes out right.

Did you know, the Bible has instructions in it too? Not for making Kool-Aid.
But for other things. In the Bible lesson today we're going to learn about
some people who read some of the instructions in the Bible and followed them.

Additional Snack Items:
To make the snack more substantial, we served
Spaghetti, garlic bread, and pudding, in addition to the Kool-Aid.

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