Snacks for God's Sheep, Improved: Day One

Monday: Snack
Elementary Bible Lesson: Going Astray (Moses and the Rock)
Memory Verse: Isaiah 53:6
Preschool Bible Lesson: Obey God (Moses and the Rock)

Key Item: Popcorn
Air-pop the popcorn in full view of the kids and serve it warm, if possible. Butter, if desired, can be melted in a saucepan on the stove.

Popcorn is white and fluffy, like sheep, and when air-popped, sometimes a piece of popcorn comes flying out of the popper and flies across the room, like a lost sheep. Tell the children that, like sheep, we wander astray sometimes. Today's Bible lesson is about that.

Snack Lesson:
Hey, look at that popcorn as it comes flying out of the popper. Sometimes it lands in the bowl. Sometimes it gets lost. Some of the pieces of popcorn don't go where they're supposed to go.

Look at how white and fluffy it is. What else is white and fluffy and wanders off where it isn't supposed to go? Can you think of anything?

In our Bible lesson tonight we'll learn about how sheep sometimes wander off.

Additional Snack Items:
To make the snack more substantial, we served sandwiches (choice of ham and cheese or PB&J) and homemade chocolate chip cookies alongside the popcorn. We also provided Kool-Aid to drink.

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