Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: bread overtop, and bread underneath.

Tuesday: Snack
Elementary Bible Lesson: Obey Your Commander
Memory Verse: 1st John 5:3-4
Preschool Bible Lesson: The Centurion's Servant
Key Item:
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Snack Lesson:
Did you notice that the cheese on these sandwiches has bread above it and also bread under it? It's kind of in layers, with a top, a middle, and a bottom. That's what makes it a sandwich.
Tonight your Bible teacher is going to tell you a story about a man who was like the cheese in this sandwich: he had other people who were above him (his bosses, like the bread on top), and people who were under him, like the bread on bottom – he had to tell them what to do.
Because he was in the middle, this man knew how authority works. He believed Jesus could make something happen just by saying it.
Additional Snack Items:
To make the snack more substantial, we served Jell-O and carrot sticks alongside the sandwiches. We also provided Kool-Aid to drink.

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