Associating with a Skunk

Friday:Associating with a Skunk
Bible Passages: 1st Corinthians 15:33-34, 1st John 2:15-26
Objective: We should be careful about the corrupting influence of the world.
Introduction: Excursions
Zeke likes to go for walks. He likes to go for walks in the woods, and across the fields, around the neighborhood, and through the parks. He's willing to go any time of day or night.
Story: Playing with Skunks
Sometimes Zeke gets to go for a walk in places where there are other animals. He loves to chase bunny rabbits, butterflies, squirrels, and geese. But there are some kinds of animals Zeke shouldn't get too close to.
One time, Zeke got very close to a skunk. That was bad. Do you know why it's bad to get very close to a skunk? The skunk sprayed its stink all over Zeke's face, and he came back smelling like skunk spray. It smelled very bad. Zeke had to have two baths, with special soap, and then he still smelled bad for a month. Yuck! Zeke shouldn't play with skunks.
Application: Bad Friends
Just like Zeke should be careful about getting close to some kinds of animals, there are some people we need to be careful about being around too much, because they don't love God, and they act in very bad ways. Sometimes those people talk us into doing the wrong kinds of things. We start to behave the way they do. We might start talking like they do, or disobeying our parents like they do, or other yucky things. When that happens, God thinks we stink. He still loves us, but he doesn't like the stink.
So we should be careful who our best friends are, to pick people who don't make us stink to God.
Invitation: Picking Good Friends
Invite any children who want to pick good friends to stay after the lesson and discuss it further.

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