Skit #2 for Following the Footsteps

Skit: Following the Footsteps, Day 2
[Heather enters]
Heather: Alright, I'm all set to follow the footsteps, just as soon as I figure out where they go. Now let's see... yesterday we talked about Caleb and Joshua leaving footsteps. Now, where did they go again? Let me think...
Johnny: [Enters] Hey, Heather, how's it going?
Heather: Didn't Caleb and Joshua go into the promised land?
Johnny: Well, yes...
Heather: Okay, I'm all set. So, which way is that from here anyway? Is the promised land [pointing] this way?
Johnny: Umm, why do you need to know?
Heather: Because, I'm gonna follow the footsteps Caleb and Joshua left for us. I don't need to see their footprints, because we studied in last night's Bible lesson about where they went. I know they went to the promised land, so I figure their footsteps must lead there. So as soon as I figure out which way that is, I'll go follow...
Johnny: I don't think you understood. We weren't talking about going to a place where they went. When we talked about following the footsteps of Caleb and Joshua, we were talking about emulating how they lived, and what they did.
Heather: Well, how will that tell me which way to go? How am I supposed to get to wherever it is I'm supposed to be going, if I don't know which way they went? Can't we just program it into my GPS?
Johnny: Heather, you're not listening. We don't need to go where they went. What we need to do is act the way they acted, the way God wants us to act. We're supposed to be learning to follow their example. That's why God gave it to us in the Bible, so we can learn how to act.
Heather: So you mean I don't need my hiking boots and my GPS? Whew, that's a relief. I bet the promised land is a long way from here anyway. It would probably take me all day to walk there.
Johnny: Actually, I think it's across the ocean, so you couldn't walk there from here anyhow.
Heather: Across the ocean? That would really take me a long time! I'd miss Bible school for sure!
Johnny: Oh, you don't want to miss Bible school tonight. We're going to learn about somebody else whose footsteps we can follow.
Heather: Okay, I'm ready!

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