Hannah's Prayer Discussion Questions

Thursday:Hannah's Prayer
Main Passage: 1st Samuel 1
Other Passages: Matthew 6:24-34, James 5:13-20, Luke 18:1-14, Philippians 4:6-7, Deuteronomy 16:16-17
Memory Verse: James 5:16
  1. What was the name of Hannah's husband?
  2. What was Hannah's problem?
  3. Why did Elkanah and his family go year after year to Shiloh to worship the Lord? Shouldn't we worship the Lord day by day all year long?
  4. What kinds of things should we pray about?
    • Answer from James 5.
    • Answer from Luke 18.
    • Answer from Philippians 4.
  5. In the last two or three weeks, has there been something you should have prayed about, that you didn't think to pray about at the time?
  6. Should we pray alone, or in groups? Why?
If you need hints to answer some of the questions, look up the listed scripture passages.

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