Skit #4 for Following the Footsteps

Skit: Following the Footsteps, Day 4
Heather: Man, this following in the footsteps is getting pretty hard. First I found out I don't just have to step in some footprints, and then I found out I don't even just have to do exactly what somebody else did. I actually have to think. It's too hard. I'm not sure if I want to do this anymore.
Johnny: [Enters] Hey, Heather, are you ready to learn some more footsteps to follow?
Heather: I'm not sure I want to. Following the footsteps can be hard. Can't I just do something easy? Can't you just follow the footsteps for me?
Johnny: Well, I'm going to try to follow the footsteps too.
Heather: Why bother? It's so hard.
Johnny: Yeah, it's hard, but nothing worth doing is easy. God gave us the Bible so we could have good footsteps to follow. I think it's better to follow them as best we can, instead of just trying to guess. Remember how you said in the winter you walked in your dad's footprints, so you wouldn't get snow in your boots?
Heather: Yeah. Walking in dad's steps was better than making my own path.
Johnny: Well, it's like that. If we didn't have the Bible, we wouldn't even know what we're supposed to do. We'd have to make our own path, by guesswork. Following in the footsteps makes it easier to live for God. We can do better than we would if we didn't have any examples to follow.
Heather: Oh. I guess so.
Johnny: Come on, come to Bible school tonight, and we'll learn about some more footsteps.
Heather: Okay. I do want to follow God. I guess I'd better find some more footsteps.
Johnny: Yep.
Heather: Okay, I'm ready now. Let's go!

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