Hannah Prays

Thursday:Hannah Prays
Story Passage: 1st Samuel 1
Other Passages: Matthew 6:24-34, James 5:13-20, Luke 18:1-8, Philippians 4:6-7
Objective: When we have problems, we should pray to God.
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Introduction: Hannah Wants Kids
Did you know that there is a woman in the Bible named Hannah? There is. Our lesson today is about her. Hannah was very sad. Even though she had been married a long time, she did not have any children. She wanted children very badly. She wanted to be a Mom.
Story: Hannah's Prayer
One day, when she was at the Temple (which was kind of like church) she began to cry because she was so sad. She was crying and praying to God. Eli, the priest (kind of like a pastor) saw her crying and wondered why she was crying.
She told him, I am very upset and am pouring out my soul to God. That means she was begging God for something. She was begging God to give her a baby, wasn't she?
Eli said, Go in peace, and may the God of Israel give you what you have asked him for. When she got up and left, she wasn't crying anymore. She did not look sad. She had a big smile on her face.
The Point: God Answers Prayer
Does God answer prayer? Yes, if we ask for good things, he does. (He doesn't always say yes though, does he?)
Do you think God answered Hannah's prayer and gave her a baby? Yes! He did. She named her baby boy Samuel, which means, God heard me. Hannah said, There is no one like the Lord. He is a God who knows. Hannah was very thankful to the Lord for answering her prayer.
Epilogue: Samuel
Samuel grew up to be a very important man who served God. There are two books in the Bible about him.
Application: Prayer
When there is something you need, do you just wish for it, or do you remember to ask God? God doesn't always answer with a Yes, OK. If we just ask for candy and ice cream for every meal, do you think He would say Yes? Why not? God wants things that are good for us. We should ask carefully, but we know that God always hears us, and He will give us what we need.
Invitation: Prayer
Invite any children who want to learn to pray to stay after the lesson and discuss it further.

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