Skit #5 for Following the Footsteps

Skit: Following the Footsteps, Day 5
[Johnny enters carrying an oversized magnifying glass, following footprint tracks, and humming the theme song from Inspector Gadget (or any other popular cartoon detective show you like).]
Heather: [Enters.] What are you doing, Johnny?
Johnny: Oh, I'm following these footprints to find out where they go.
Heather: Can I help?
Johnny: Sure. Here, you hold the magnifying glass. [Hand it to her.]
[The two of them follow the footprints for a few steps.]
Heather: Hey, wait a second. You told me that following the footsteps means changing our behavior to live the way God wants us to live, by following the good examples he gave us in the Bible.
Johnny: Yes, that's right. [point] Umm, I think they lead over this way.
Heather: So, like, we can follow the footsteps of Caleb and Joshua by trusting God and doing what he says. Or we can follow the footsteps of the Israelites in the desert by putting our faith in Jesus to forgive our sins, just like they trusted God that looking at the snake on the stick would save them from the snakebite venom.
Johnny: Exactly. Or you could follow in the footsteps of Hannah by praying to God. Hand me the magnifying glass.
Heather: Yeah. [Hand him the glass.] So why are you following the footsteps that are on the ground? I thought we were following the footsteps of people in the Bible.
Johnny: We are.
Heather: You're confusing me! What gives? Did Moses walk in this church?
Johnny: [shrug] Not as far as I know.
Heather: I thought all those people in the Bible lived across the ocean.
Johnny: They did.
Heather: So why are we following their footsteps, then?
Johnny: We're following their footsteps because they set a good example that God wants us to follow. We love God, so we do our best for him, and the footsteps in the Bible show us how.
Heather: [exasperated] But what about these footsteps?
Whose footsteps are these?
Johnny: What, you mean these footprints on the floor?
Heather: Yeah, isn't that what we've been talking about?
Johnny: Oh, I was just following these for fun.
[Exit, humming Inspector Gadget again.]

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