Missionaries and Service

Day 5:Missionaries and Service
Bible Lesson: Footsteps of Service (Epaphroditus and the Shunnemite): We should serve God by serving others.
Memory Verse: Philippians 2:4
Missions Concepts:
Missionaries are missionaries because they want to serve God.
We can serve God by serving them.
Missions Questions:
How do you serve God by serving others?
How can we serve God by serving you?
Bible Passages: Matthew 21:18-22, James 5:13-18, Philippians 4:13
In the Bible lesson today, you learned about two people who served God by serving other people, by taking care of some of the needs of missionaries. We can still be doing the same thing today.
Procedure: Picking Questions from the Box
Call a child volunteer to pull out each of the questions. Help them read it aloud to the group. You can use a microphone and/or repeat the question yourself so that everyone can hear it.
After reading the question, introduce each missionary before reading their answer. You can also show a photo and/or their country's flag and a map if desired. Then read and explain their answers. If there's time, you can lead a brief discussion of the answers or ask a few comprehension questions.
After each question, check the time, and if enough time is available pick a new volunteer to pull the next question out of the box. Finish up by having two or three children pray out loud for the missionaries before you dismiss to the next activity.
Question #13
How do you serve God by serving others?
Answer: Pastor Tom Ricker
As mentioned before, I clean bathrooms at businesses; I also give away little things peole can use or like: batteries for fire alarms, light bulbs, and (a favorite when I lived in Ohio) cookies. Giving cookies to people and telling them you are doing it to share the love of Jesus with them in a small way is a pretty easy thing to do— and God receives all the glory!
Answer: Pastor Zambo Solomon
I have to pray for them, helping them with what I have as well, visiting and assis[t]ing in [their] farming, caring [for the sick], etc. It happen[s] sometime[s] that I have to accompany other saints' kids or themselves in the hospital when the relatives are no[t] even there. Many time[s] I have to change my program for the sake of others, and it makes things not easy! But it is very necessary!
Pastor Solomon looks at the needs of the people in his community. If they need help with their garden, so that their family will have food, then he helps them in the garden. He does what people need.
Question #14
How can we serve God by serving you?
Answer: Pastor Tom Ricker
First and foremost, pray! We are in a spiritual battle here, and praying for us makes a difference. God has promised that when we pray according to his will much is accomplished. Second, you can give. Even kids can sometimes give five cents a week, and you are not giving to me but to God for his work. Third, you can share Jesus with peole where you are, because I can't do it there.
Another way to serve might be to save up and buy a Wal-Mart card and send it to us to help with buying bathroom cleaning supplies, and then you are a part of that work as well!
So we can help Pastor Tom by praying, by giving money, and by sharing God's word with others where we are.
Answer: Pastor Zambo Solomon
Praying for me and being always in contact as much as you can, by letters, email, or Skype sometime[s]. It help[s me] to know that others have concern and they want to know what you are facing and they pray for you then in a more effective way! [You can also] assist us in financial [needs] and [with needed] materials [such] as Bibles, toys for kids we use in service..., little Bible story books, etc. We nee some funds sometime[s] for missions trips as we are starting a new Bible [study] group in Ndop. We do need also some assistance [for] some orphan kids we are visiting, and they need [medicine], clothes, and [tuition] fees to pay for school. The most important and help[ful] thing is prayer, we believe. Also, once in a while some youth or the pastors or some women may visit us here; it is more [of] an encouragement for people to know we are more accountable, having eyes far away that hear from us and watch over us. For [us] prayer is the key!
Pastor Solomon needs prayer for his ministry, and he needs offerings to help him pay for travelling to the places where he is starting new Bible studies, and to help with the orphanage where they are starting a new ministry. By praying and giving offerings, we are serving God.
Conclusion: Prayer
Finish up by having two or three children pray out loud for the missionaries before you dismiss to the next activity.
Invitation: Missions
Invite any children who want to do missions service to stay after the lesson and discuss it further.

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