Skit #3 for Following the Footsteps

Skit: Following the Footsteps, Day 3
Heather: [Enter] Okay, I'm all set now. I'm going to follow in the footsteps...
[walk slowly toward stage while speaking...]
the footsteps of Ezra... I want to do the same things Ezra did...
Ezra had a platform to stand on, and read the Bible. Now let me see... What can I do that's like that? I could say my memory verse from last night, but what about the platform? I know, I'll use the stage! Here I go! I'm going to follow in Ezra's footsteps.
[Heather gets up on the stage and starts saying the verse. Johnny interrupts about halfway through.]
Johnny: [Enter] Hey, Heather, what are you doing up there?
Heather: I'm following in Ezra's footsteps. See? I'm using this stage as a platform, and I'm saying my memory verse, which is from the Bible.
Johnny: Well, learning your memory verse is a good way to follow in Ezra's footsteps, but why are you up on the stage?
Heather: What, isn't it good enough? Isn't the stage like Ezra's platform?
Johnny: What do you need a platform for?
Heather: Well, Ezra used a platform. I'm following in his footsteps.
Johnny: Ezra used a platform because otherwise all the people wouldn't have been able to hear, and they wouldn't have known what God's word said. They didn't all have their own copies of the Bible. These people [gesture toward audience] have their own copies of the Bible. So I don't think the platform is the most important thing about Ezra's footsteps.
Heather: Well, then, how am I supposed to follow in the footsteps?
Johnny: What did the people do once Ezra had read the Bible to them?
Heather: Well, they did what it said... Oh, I get it. If I'm going to follow in the footsteps, I have to do what the person did. To follow in the footsteps of Ezra, I have to do what the Bible says.
Johnny: Right.
Heather: Okay, so how do I know what to do?
Johnny: Keep coming to Bible school, and to church, and study your Bible at home. You'll learn all kinds of things that you can be doing. Then you can really follow in the footsteps.
Heather: Wow! And I won't even need a platform!

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