Doggies Don't Like Baffs

Wednesday:Doggies Don't Like Baffs
Bible Passages: [Needed]
Objective: Even though we don't always like the changes God wants us to make in our lives, we still need to do it.
Introduction: Stinky Dog
Zeke is a nice doggy, but sometimes he gets dirty and smelly. Like the time that he ran away on his walk and got sprayed by a skunk, or the time that he rolled in nasty yucky stuff and came home smelling like a swamp. Sometimes he needs a bath.
Explanation: Baths
Now, Zeke doesn't like baths. He doesn't think he needs them.
He doesn't want to get into the bathtub, and when you manage to get him in, he tries to escape. It takes two people to keep Zeke in the tub long enough to wash him and rinse him, to get him clean.
But Zeke needs to obey and stay in the bath until he's clean and rinsed, so he won't stink, and so he can stay in the house (because he can't stay in the house smelling like a skunk), and so he won't have itchy soap all over him when he dries. Zeke doesn't always understand why he needs to stay in the bath. But he still needs to obey and do it.
Application: Obedience
Sometimes your mom or dad, or your teacher, will tell you to do something, or you might even find something in the Bible that God wants you to do. It's not always something you think you want to do. You might not even know why you need to do it. But you still need to do it. You still need to obey.
Invitation: Obedience
Invite any children who want to learn to obey to stay after the lesson and discuss it further.

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