Skit #1 for Following the Foosteps

Skit: Following the Footsteps, Day 1
[Heather enters, bent over and looking at the floor.]
Heather: I can't find any footsteps here. [Look under a pew.] Boys and girls, did any of you see any footsteps? [Looks behind the piano, etc.] I came here to follow the footsteps, but I don't see any! What am I going to do? Oh, now what? Woe is me, ...
[Johnny enters]
Johnny: What are you doing, Heather?
Heather: Well, I was going to follow the footsteps, but I can't find any!
Johnny: You can't find any? But we're going to learn about them tonight!
Heather: You mean, I have to learn how to find them? I thought this was going to be easy. Footsteps, you know, [point to ground] you see them, and then you [making exaggerated stepping motions] step in the same places.
Johnny: I don't think that's what they mean by following the footsteps.
Heather: Sure it is! When it snowed last winter, I followed in my dad's footsteps, so I wouldn't get any snow in my boots. It's like that.
Johnny: Well, these footsteps that we're talking about at Bible school are from people who lived thousands of years ago.
Heather: Thousands of years? Wouldn't the snow have melted by now? Wouldn't the footsteps be gone?
Johnny: Well, yes, but it's a figure of speech. Their physical footprints are gone, but we can still follow in their footsteps by following their good example. Following in the footsteps means behaving like they behaved, doing the kinds of things they did.
Heather: I don't get it. How can I follow footsteps I can't see?
Johnny: Don't worry. Just wait until the Bible teacher comes, and we're going to learn all about the footsteps that we can follow.

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