Our Commanding Officer Discussion Questions

Tuesday:Our Commanding Officer
Story Passage: Matthew 8:5-13, Luke 7:1-10
Other Passages: Ephesians 1:19-23, Joshua 6-7
Memory Verse: 1st John 5:3-4, This is love for God: to obey his commands; and his commands are not burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world.
  1. Why did the Centurion want Jesus to heal his servant?
  2. How did the Centurion know that the sick servant would be healed if Jesus just said so?
  3. Name some other people in the Bible who obeyed God.
  4. How could Jesus be amazed (at the man's faith)? Doesn't he know everything?
  5. What are some ways that you demonstrate your faith?
  6. What happened when Achan disobeyed God's command after the battle of Jericho? Were the consequences limited to only Achan? Why would God treat one man's disobedience so harshly?
  7. What are some ways that you obey Christ?
If you need hints to answer some of the questions, look up the listed scripture passages.

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