Ark Building Photos, Part 1

We started by collecting gopher cardboard — over 100 Wendy's fry boxes. This double stack is less than half of the total.

Here you can see one section being assembled.

Three of the sections will be open, i.e., people will be able to look inside and see the animals and stuff. For these three sections it was necessary to build decks, ramps, doorways, fences, and so on.

We started early on the three open sections, so we built them at home. For the rest, we held a workday. Would you believe we got the remaining eleven sections built in under four hours? It was amazing. We built them in the basement, then carried them upstairs to lay them out in the auditorium, where they will be assembled into the final product.

This is how it stands right now. The 14 sections aren't actually glued to each other yet, and we still need to make a roof, coat the whole thing with pitch (black paper), set up the animals inside, and so forth. We'll be working on it some more tomorrow.
As noted in the plans, the scale here is 1/24, i.e., one inch on the model represents two feet on the original. For example, our Noah figureine is three inches tall.
Continued in part 2.

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