Abraham's Faith (Preschool Lesson)

Thursday:Abraham's Faith
Story Passage: Genesis 15
Other Passages:
Objective: We should have faith in God, just as Abraham did.
Introduction: Abraham
Has anyone here heard of Abraham before? Who was Abraham? Abraham lived in Bible times.
God ask Abraham to leave his home land and go to a new place that God would show him. He had never been there before. But he took off walking. God took him through several different places before he finally got where he was going.
Did you ever get in the car and go all sorts of places and not know where you would end up? Abraham wasn't worried. He trusted God, just like you probably trusted your parents when they took you places in the car.
Abraham finally came to the place we now call Israel. God promised Abraham that his family would live there. It would belong to them.
Story: Countless Offspring
One day, Abraham was complaining. He said, My wife, Sarah, and I don't have any children. When we die, all our land and all our stuff will go to my servant, Eliezer.
But God said, No. Eliezer will not get your land and all your stuff. You and Sarah will have a child.
Now Abraham and Sarah were already very old. Old people don't have babies. But then God showed Abraham all the stars in the sky. God said, Count them, if you can. There were too many to count. God told Abraham that someday his family would have as many people as all the stars in the sky. And Abraham believed God. Would you believe God if he told you that you would have that many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren? Abraham believed God.
One day Abraham and Sarah did have a baby. They had a little boy and they named him Isaac. After awhile, Abraham's family did get very, very big, just like God had promised.
We can always believe what God tells us in the Bible.

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