Creation (Preschool Lesson)

Story Passage: Genesis 1
Other Passages: Ephesians 2:8-10, Col. 1:15-16, Romans 1:16-21, Romans 8:18-25, Acts 17:16-33
Objective: God created the world and deserves our worship.
Introduction: Where Did it Come From?
Out in the back yard, there's a big tree. Was it always that big? How did it get to be that big? How long has it been there? What did it come from, before it was a big tree? It was a little tree, once, but what about before that? [A seed.] Where did the seed come from? [Another tree.] Well, where did that tree come from? Where did all the seeds, and all the trees, come from? [God created them.] The world hasn't always been here. There was a beginning. Let's go back to the beginning, and explore where things came from...
Story: Creation
God created the world. The book of Genesis, in the Bible, tells us all about it. The Bible says that in the beginning, when nothing was around, God started by creating light and darkness. Did you know that there wasn't even light or darkness before God made it? He made it out of nothing, just by speaking. He can do that, because he's God. On day two, he made the sky and the ocean, and on the third day he made the dry land that we live on. Aren't you glad he made dirt for us to walk on? Do we just have dirt, though? No, we have that tree out back, and what else is in the dirt? [Accept answers – grass etc.] God didn't stop after dirt: he also made plants on day three: all the ones that we eat from, and all the ones that look pretty and smell beautiful, and the Bible says he made them all just for us.
God had already made the light and the darkness on day one, but now on day four he made the sun, the moon, and the stars, both to give us light, and so we can tell what time of day it is by looking at them. The sun and moon also make the seasons: summer, fall, winter, and spring. He made the sun so that we would have light in the day and the moon so it wouldn't be quite so dark at night. Then on day five God was ready to put something in the sky and the oceans. They were empty until then. Do you know something that lives in the water? [Accept answers.] God made them. He also made birds to fly in the sky. Finally, on day six, God was ready to make something to live on the land: in the woods, and in the grass, and all over the land. What lives there? [Accept answers.] Animals! God made all the animals – and he also made people. The first person he made was a man, and God named him Adam. Later he made Eve, to be Adam's wife.
Some people haven't read the Bible, and they try to decide how the world got here, and they come up with all kinds of ideas about that, some sillier than others. Aren't you glad that we know what God says? And God is the only one who was there, so he's the only one who really knows. Everybody else is just guessing, or making stuff up.

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