Matthew 4:19

Friday:Matthew 4:19
Bible Lesson: Fishers of Men: We should tell others about Christ.
Explanation: Matthew 4:19
Matthew 4:19: Come, follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men.
[Show the verse and read it aloud.]
How can we follow Jesus when we can't see him? (We see his life in the Bible, and we see his commands and obey him.) What does Jesus mean when he tells the disciples he will make them fishers of men? (It means, they will teach other people to obey and love Jesus; instead of catching fish, they will catch men.) How can we catch people? (We tell them about Jesus, and about the Bible.
One way to tell people about Jesus is by using the wordless bracelet, like this one [show one]. You'll be making wordless bracelets for your craft today.
Game: Sign Gestures
Display posterboard of verse. Read through the verse together.
Teach the children the sign motions together with the words, and have them say the verse and perform the motions at the same time. Either use a real sign language (e.g., ASL), or an improvised set of gestures and motions, like below:
ComeHand beckons toward self.
FollowFingers walk along other hand.
MePoint to self.
JesusMiddle fingers point out nail marks in hands.
SaidHand moves out from mouth.
IPoint to self.
will makeSet left fist on right, then right on top of left, as if building.
youPoint away from self, toward your audience.
fishersCast like with a fishing pole.
of menPoint to several persons as if counting.

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