Footsteps Snacks

Monday: Grape Clusters & Pretzel Rods
Bible Lesson: Two Obedient Men (Caleb & Joshua): We should trust and obey God.
Memory Verse: 1stJohn 2:5
Snack: Grape Clusters & Pretzel Rods
Hand out a small cluster of grapes, and a pretzel rod or two, to each child, explaining how the grapes remind them of the lesson.
Lesson Tie-In:
The men who explored the land brought back an enormous cluster of grapes, evidence of the bounty of the land. (The pretzels are just to bulk out the snack.)

Tuesday: Footsteps Cookies
Bible Lesson: Do What It Says (Ezra reads from the book of the law.)
Memory Verse: James 1:22
Snack: Footsteps Cookies
Give the kids footprint-shaped cutout cookies.
Lesson Tie-In:
The shape of the cookies will remind them of the theme for the week: that we should follow in the footsteps of the people from the Bible lessons. While they eat, talk about what it means to follow in someone's footsteps.

Wednesday: Snakes on Sticks, and Graham Crackers
Bible Lesson: Look and Live (the snake on the pole): We should look to Jesus, trusting God for our salvation.
Memory Verse: John 3:14-15
Snack: Snakes on Sticks, & Graham Crackers
Skewer each "gummy snake" (use gummy worms and call them snakes) on a large toothpick. Give each child at least one of the "snakes" and some graham crackers.
Lesson Tie-In:
The snakes remind them of the Bible lesson: God told Moses to display a snake on a stick in the middle of the camp, so that people could look to it and be saved, just like we today look to Jesus for our salvation. The crackers are just to help fill them up.

Thursday: Cookies
Bible Lesson: Hannah's Prayer: When we have problems, we should pray to God.
Memory Verse: James 5:16
Snack: Cookies
Hand out homemade cookies.
Lesson Tie-In:
Chocolate-chip cookies don't have much to do with the Bible lesson, but you can still talk about the lesson while the kids eat them. Yum, yum, yum.

Friday: Cornbread & Apple Butter
Elementary Bible Lesson: Footsteps of Service (Epaphroditus and the Shunnemite): We should serve God by serving others.
Memory Verse: Philippians 2:4
Preschool Bible Lesson: Elisha and the Shunnemite: Helping Others
Snack: Cornbread & Apple Butter
Serve cornbread (or other obviously homemade bread) and apple butter (or homemade jam). Don't buy them at the store: the fact that these items are home-made is part of the lesson tie-in.
Lesson Tie-In:
Epaphroditus brought Paul food (among other things) from the church, to help Paul while he was in Prison for telling people about Jesus. Epaphroditus served God by helping Paul. The Shunnamite also helped Elisha by feeding him, because he was a man of God. Homemade bread is a kind of food they might have had and might have given them.

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