Missions Marathon Skit, Day Three

Skit:Missions Marathon
Wednesday:Making Disciples
Missions Lesson: What does a missionary do?
Missions Examples: Philippi
Bible Passages: Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 16, Philippians 2:19-30.
[Earnest and Kristina are running a Missions Marathon, jogging in place with exaggerated “running” arm motions.]
Earnest: I sure am glad we're running this missions marathon.
Kristina: Yeah, it'll be so great to tell those people the good news.
Earnest: If we tell them, do you think they'll run the race with us?
Kristina: Right — and not just this Missions Marathon today, but hopefully they'll run the whole race for Christ — the whole Christian life.
Earnest: Yeah, because I was running that race before, even before I started this missions marathon. This isn't the first time I've run, and it isn't the first thing I've ever done for Jesus.
Kristina: In fact, we wouldn't be very good in this missions marathon if we hadn't been training, by reading reading our Bible and going to church and all the rest of the race that we run.
Earnest: Right. So, what exactly do we have to tell them again?
Kristina: We have to tell them what we learned in the Bible. You know, about how the bad things we do separate us from God, but he loved us and sent Jesus to die and pay the price for us, so we can go to heaven some day and live with God.
Earnest: Oh, right, we're going and making disciples of these people, just like Jesus said, make disciples of all nations. Ohio's a nation, right?
Kristina: Well, Ohio's part of a nation, so it counts.

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