Missions Marathon Skit, Day Five

Skit:Missions Marathon
Friday:Joining the Missions Marathon
Missions Lesson: Who can be a missionary?
Missions Examples: [personal, from the group]
Bible Passages:
[Earnest and Kristina are running a Missions Marathon, jogging in place with exaggerated “running” arm motions.]
Earnest: Wow, this is great! Some of these people we've been talking to have decided to join the race for Jesus!
Kristina: Yeah, it's really great to see them serving God in the church.
Earnest: A couple of them were asking me if they can join in on this Missions Marathon, too, but I'm not sure what I should tell them. Can just anyone join in the Missions Marathon?
Kristina: Well, you said they already joined the race for Jesus, right?
Earnest: Yes, they're serving the Lord now in the church, but they want to do missions, too. How can they join up?
Kristina: Remember how I pulled you out of the bleachers?
Earnest: Oh, yeah. I was waiting to join the Missions Marathon, but I didn't know what I needed to do.
Kristina: Right, so I told you to get out of the bleachers and start running the course, and you've been running all week.
Earnest: Oh, I see. So once somebody is saved, once they have given their lives to Jesus, they can start running the Missions Marathon any time?
Kristina: Yep, they just have to get on the course and start doing it.
Earnest: [Point to audience.] So, what about these people sitting in the bleachers here, watching us? Can they join the Missions Marathon?
Kristina: I hope they do!

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