Missions Marathon Skit, Day One

Skit:Missions Marathon
Monday:Get in the Race
Missions Lesson: What is a Missionary?
Missions Examples: Paul in Athens
Bible Passages: Acts 17
[Setting is near the starting line for a marathon race. Kristina is dressed to run in the race, standing on the track. Earnest is also dressed to run, but he's sitting in the bleachers.]
Kristina: Hey, Earnest, I thought you were in this marathon race today.
Earnest: I am! This is really going to be fun. I'm really excited about it!
Kristina: Well, then what are you doing in the bleachers?
Earnest: What do you mean? Isn't the marathon here?
Kristina: The marathon is a race, Earnest. It's down here on the race course. If you're going to run the race, you have to be on the course.
Earnest: Well, look, all these other people are sitting here. Why can't I do the marathon sitting here too?
Kristina: Earnest, those people aren't in the marathon. They're just watching. If you're going to be in the race, you have to run.
Earnest: Oh. I see. So I guess I'd better come down out of the bleachers then, huh? [Join Kristina.] Say, what kind of race is this, anyway?
Kristina: Didn't you read the sign? It's a missions marathon!
Earnest: A missions marathon? What's missions?
Kristina: Missions is how Christians tell other people the good news about how Jesus wants to save them from their sin.
Earnest: Oh, right. That's what I want to do. That's why I came to the missions marathon. But why do we have to run?
Kristina: Well, when we run a marathon race, we have to actually run. We can't just sit around in the bleachers. Just like that, missionaries have to share their faith with others, so they have to go where the people are, who need to hear about Jesus, and then, they have to actually tell them.
Earnest: Yeah, that makes sense.
Kristina: Right. They can't just sit around in church. So the missions marathon we're running this week is a way of reminding ourselves that if we're going to do missions, we can't just sit around. We have to get out and actually do something.

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