Missions Marathon Skit, Day Four

Skit:Missions Marathon
Thursday:Running the Race in a Particular Place
Missions Lesson: Where does a missionary go?
Missions Examples: Zambo Solomon, Paul Rajan
Bible Passages:
[Earnest and Kristina are running a Missions Marathon, jogging in place with exaggerated “running” arm motions.]
Earnest: So how long is this Missions Marathon, anyway? We're still in Ohio, right? How long will it take us to get to another nation?
Kristina: That could take a while. Ohio's a pretty big place, and then there are forty-nine other states in the US...
Earnest: So, do you think we can finish telling everyone in the US about Jesus by this time next year?
Kristina: I doubt it. I think we'd better stick with Ohio for now.
Earnest: But, Jesus said to make disciples of all nations! How many nations are there?
Kristina: I think there's more than a hundred.
Earnest: More than hundred! I'll be an old man by the time we get to all of them, even if we only spend one year in each nation. I'll be running this marathon with a cane!
Kristina: Well, of course you will. You don't want to stop just because you get a little bit older, do you?
Earnest: I guess not.
Kristina: You know, there are different marathons in different places, right?
Earnest: Oh, yeah, my aunt Lucy once ran in the Boston Marathon.
Kristina: Right, but we're not in Boston. We're running a marathon race for missions right here in Ohio.
Earnest: Well, how can I run all those different marathon races at once?
Kristina: I think it's okay to start with just running the one you're in now. Other people can run the race in other places.
Earnest: Different people run the same race in different places?
Kristina: Well, there are people in many different places. So God needs missionaries all over the world. We can be missionaries right here in Ohio, but Zambo Salamon is a missionary in Cameroon, and Pastor Jusleimar is a missionary in Brazil, and Paul Rajan is a missionary in India. Just like there are marathon races all over the world, missionaries are all over the world too.

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