Unprepared Fishermen III

Skit: Unprepared Fishermen III
[Bob and Sally are sitting by the lake, fishing.]
Sally: Oh, I think I've got another one. This rod is working out great!
[She pulls up her line, removes a fish from the end, and places it in her fish bucket. Bob appears envious.]
Bob: Another? How many is that for you? I still haven't caught a thing!
Sally: Oh, I think that's fourteen now. You haven't caught any? What are you using for bait?
Bob: Bait? I'm using this nice rod and reel, and this line, with a hook on the end. What do I need bait for?
Sally: If you were a fish, would you just bite on a hook, for no reason, just so you could be caught?
Bob: I don't know. I've haven't been a fish lately. I guess I never thought about it.
Sally: Why don't you try putting some of this bait [gestures to bait bucket] on your hook, and then see if the fish are biting.
[Bob adds a worm to his hook and drops it in...]
Bob: Hey, I think I've finally got one! I think that bait does work!

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