Decoration Photos, First Installment

This is our main bulletin board for the elementary group. The items on this board are images out of the main Bible lessons. For example, the fish on the left with the coin in its mouth comes from the first day's story, about Peter and the temple tax. To make these, we trace line drawings (mostly out of coloring books) onto overhead transparencies (using wet-erase markers), project them up onto posterboard, trace the lines with pencil, and paint. Once the paint dries, we outline with black marker and cut them out.

This is the bulletin board in the preschool room, which is built around the Wordless Book lessons. Each strip of color represents the concept for one day's lesson, with a corresponding picture.
In the teen room we don't have a bulletin board, so instead we just put posterboard directly on the walls. This year we went with a missions theme for the room, hence, continents with people on them.
Between the auditorium and the foyer, our building has some internal windows. For Bible School we always do a three-panel scene made to fit. Putting them behind the glass really brings them out, we think. Anyway, this scene is supposed to represent following Jesus, which goes with one of the Bible lessons.
I don't know when or why those cuphooks were put up over the auditorium doors, but they sure came in handy for hanging this net. This is just the first batch. We've also got wall decorations (fish), decorations hanging from the ceilings (more fish), and a couple of other things, but I'll save those for another post.

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