Reel 'em In

Thursday:Reel 'em In
Bible Lesson: Following God (Fishing All Night)
Memory Verse: 2nd John 1:6
Missions Concepts: Missionaries must present the gospel to unbelievers.
Missions Examples: [needed]
Bible Passages: Romans 2:12-13, 3:20-24, 5:15-18, 6:10-18, 7:22-8:11, 10:10-15, 12:1-8.
[Start with the skit, Unprepared Fishermen IV.]
Introduction: Fishing
In the skit, Bob reeled in the fish using his rod and line. When we're fishing for Christ, how do we reel people in for salvation? The Bible asks a question: how can people believe in Jesus if they've not heard of him, and how can they hear if nobody tells them?
So, after we use our bait and start talking to people, to our friends, how do we reel them in? What do we tell them about Jesus?
The Point: Share the Good News
Once you have someone's interest, and they want to know about God, what can you tell them? What do they need to know to be saved? [Accept some answers.]
First, they need to know that they need to be saved! Why do we need a savior? Why do we need Jesus? [Accept answers.] Our sin separates us from God. Because God is perfect, the bad things we do make us unacceptable to him. He can't take us in, if we're like that! Can we change, and be good on our own? No, we can't. Our sin traps us, and keeps us from God.
So after our friends know that they need to be saved from their sin, what else do they need to know? Don't they need to know where salvation comes from? So, what do you tell them? How can our sins be forgiven? [Because Jesus paid the penalty for us.]
Application: Reeling in Your Friends wiht the Wordless Bracelet
[Explain how the wordless bracelet (which they will be making in crafts the next night) can be used to share the good news. Talk about the meaning of each of the five colors and how these five things add up to make a gospel presentation.]
Invitation: Evangelism
Invite any children who want to share the good news with their friends to stay after the lesson and discuss it further.

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