Unprepared Fishermen II

Skit: Unprepared Fishermen II
[Bob and Sally walk in. Bob is carrying the same fishing rod he had yesterday, and a tackle box. (Inside the tackle box is a small retractable fishing rod, not revealed, but no lures or bait.) Sally has a bucket of bait.]
Sally: I'm so excited, I'm finally ready to fish! I have my fishing license, and bait, and I finally got you to the lake where there are fish! This is my favorite spot. It's nice and shady, and there are usually lots of fish.
[Bob starts preparing his rod. Sally grabs something out of the bait bucket and dunks it in the water, with her hand.]
Bob: Sally, what are you doing?
Sally: Isn't it obvious? I'm fishing!
Bob: Where's your fishing rod?
Sally: A fishing rod? What do I need that for? I have bait!
Bob: So how are you planning to real in the fish when they start biting?
[Sally suddenly looks alarmed and jerks her hand away from the water.]
Sally: Biting! Fish bite? Doesn't that hurt?
Bob: Well, you're not supposed to put your fingers in the water for the fish to bite. You're supposed to use a fishing rod, with a line, and a hook. You dip the line in the water, and you hold onto the rod, like this [demonstrates]. When the fish bites the hook on the end of the line, you reel it in.
Sally: Oh. I don't have a rod!
Bob: Wait, I think I have a spare rod in my tackle box.
[Bob rummages around in the box for a moment , pulls out the retractable rod, extends it, and hands it to Sally.]
Sally: Oh, great! Thanks!

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