The Right Bait

Wednesday:The Right Bait
Bible Lesson: Raised from the Dead
Memory Verse: 1st John 4:10
Missions Concepts: Missionaries look for opportunities to interest people in the good news.
Missions Examples: Peter Bejenke makes bread. In India they maintain orphanages and build houses.
Bible Passages: [needed]
[Start with the skit, Unprepared Fishermen III.]
Introduction: Fishing
In the skit, what did Bob need, in order to catch fish? That's right, he needed bait.
Did you know, missionaries use bait too? Now, they don't use worms, and crickets, and minnows, and they're not trying to trick people into getting caught, but missionaries do have to get people interested in what they're talking about. They need bait.
Example: Bread Ministry
In Germany, Peter Bejenke was having trouble getting people to come to his church. He wanted to tell people about Jesus, but they didn't know they needed to hear, so they didn't realize they should come. Do you know what he did? He started baking bread. Now, Pastor Peter used to bake bread before, before he was a pastor. But now he's baking bread again, and people come into his bakery store to buy bread. Now, people are coming to Pastor Peter. Now, he has an opportunity to talk to people. And now that he's talking to people, he can tell them about Jesus.
Example: Orphanages
In India, Paul Rajan builds orphanages, to help young boys who have no good place to live. While they're there, he can tell them about Jesus. Sometimes they build houses for people who have lost their homes. And they can tell them about Christ. At one of the orphanages, the children are very excited about Jesus. They sing songs, and they worship. And now, some of the families from the communities come and see the orphanage, see what is being done for the children, and [become interested].
The Point: Bait
Here, sometimes we need a way to tell our friends about Jesus. Sometimes we need bait.
One thing that we use for bait is Bible School. Your friends will want to come have fun at Bible School – and they will have fun, but while they're here, they can also here the good news about Jesus.
What else can you use as bait? [Accept some answers.]
Invitation: Missions
Invite any children who want to do missions work to stay after the lesson and discuss it further.

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