God's Sheep Decorations: Three-Panel Isaac and the Ram Set

Just inside our building's front entrance, there are some indoor windows, between the foyer and the auditorium. I'm not sure why. (I wasn't around yet when the building was built.) Perhaps they were meant to block sound so that foyer noise doesn't disturb people in the auditorium, or vice versa. If so, they fail. Perhaps they're just meant to be an interesting visual design feature. Whatever their intended purpose, we've decided that for Bible School week their purpose is to house a three-panel scene that goes with one of the lessons. This gives us one really nice decoration where absolutely everyone who walks in the door can see it (umm, unless a blind person comes, I guess; if that had happened, I suppose we'd have taken them up to the stage and let them feel the lawn sheep we had set up there -- I may have a photo of those sitting around here somewhere; if so, I'll try to post it tomorrow). As with the wall decorations, we get these things onto posterboard using the overhead projection method, and then we paint them and outline it all with markers.

This year our three-panel scene depicted Abraham, Isaac, and the ram caught in the thicket.

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