Feeding the Sheep: Discussion Questions for Teen Missions Lesson, Day One, God's Sheep

Monday:Feeding the Sheep
Bible Lesson: Straying Sheep: Everyone has sinned, and sin has a penalty.
Missions Concepts: A missionary must teach God's word.
Missions Examples: India: Paul Rajan
Bible Passages: Psalm 23; John 21:15-18; Numbers 27:12-21; Jeremiah 23, Matthew 2:6, 9:16; Psalm 100; Isaiah 40:9-11; Jeremiah 3:15; 2nd Samuel 5:2; Acts 20:27-31; Jude:12
  1. How is the teaching of God's word similar to feeding? What do these two activities, one physical and one spiritual, have in common?
  2. What is the difference between a pastor and a missionary?
  3. Why would Paul Rajan ask a group of people if anyone had ever come to tell them about God?
  4. Why do people need someone to teach them about God?
  5. Is it better for the people to have a foreign missionary teach them, or a local pastor who is one of them? Why?
  6. How does God feel about shepherds who don't take proper care of the flock? What about pastors who teach people the wrong things?
If you need hints to answer some of the questions, look up the listed scripture passages.

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