God's Sheep Decorations: Sheepfold on the Stage

Okay, I don't have a very good photo of this, because we didn't decorate the stage until after the Sunday service, just a few hours before Bible School started, and I had taken the decoration photos previously and was in kind of a hurry to get the last few things done. So I'm just going to post the picture I've got, and you'll have to let your imagination fill in the gaps. The sheepfold walls were made in kind of a hurry this year, so they're flat rectangular boxes with a few "stones" painted in hastily. (We did much better six years ago, using wads of newspaper covered with paper mache to give the walls shape and then painting in the stones better. But I didn't have a digital camera yet then, so no photos of that, sorry.) The sheep are "lawn sheep" that Sarah picked up at a garage sale. Anyway, here's the picture:

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