Lesson Visuals for Running the Race

We are pleased once again this year to be able to offer a complete set of visuals for all the elementary Bible lessons, courtesy of Mary Beth Frey. There are five images for each of the first two lessons and four visuals for each of the three remaining lessons.

Unfortunately, due to the size of these images (7204 x 5408 pixels each, with file sizes ranging from 3.6MB to 5.5MB, for a total of nearly 100 megabytes altogether) they are too large to post here. (I tried. Blogger chokes on images that large. It's really designed to handle web-resolution images, and these are print-quality images, suitable for printing on a full page each.)

However, I have put together the following thumbnail image, showing what the pictures basically look like:

  1. First row, visuals for lesson one: Saul and David; Saul Chasing David into the Hills; David and His Men Hiding in the Cave; David Cutting off the Corner of Saul's Robe; David Taking the Spear and Water Jug While Saul Sleeps
  2. Second row, visuals for lesson two: Daniel Praying; Satraps Scheming; Signing the Proclamation; Daniel with the Lions; Paul in Prison
  3. Third row, visuals for lesson three: Idolatry; Hilkiah Finding the Scroll; Josiah Reading; Destroying the Idols
  4. Fourth row, visuals for lesson four: Runners; Jesus and the Rich Man; Going Away Sad; Sunday Morning Video Games
  5. Fifth row, visuals for lesson five: John on Patmos; The City Coming Down; Gate of the City; Inside the City
For Galion, we took them to Staples and got them printed on overhead transparencies. Another option would be to print them on large paper (perhaps 11"x17"). Or, if you have a computer projector, you could use presentation software (like PowerPoint or OpenOffice.org Impress) to show them, which would save on printing costs. In any case, if anyone knows of some server space where they could be hosted, I'd be interested in hearing about it. Meanwhile, they are available upon request: contact me, and I can send them to you by email. (Please allow several days for me to get around to it. Thanks.)

Do be aware that these images are large (nearly one hundred megabytes altogether), so check your email service to be sure it can receive them. The largest individual image is 5717166 bytes; add some overhead to that for MIME and RFC-822, and the message that bears it will necessarily be very nearly 5.5MB. If you only need certain ones (e.g., if you're only doing some of the lessons), it would be good to specify which ones you want.

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