Discussion Questions: Josiah and the Book of the Law

Wednesday:Josiah and the Book
Story Passages: 2nd Kings 22-23, 2nd Chronicles 34
Other Passages: 1st Corinthians 9:23-27, 1st Timothy 4:7-10, 2nd Timothy 3:16-4:8, 2nd Kings 21:10-11, 2nd Chronicles 33:10-16, 2nd Kings 23
Memory Verse: 1st Thessalonians 2:13
  1. How old was Josiah when he began to seek the Lord? How old was he when he had the temple repaired?
  2. Why did Josiah have the temple repaired and cleaned? How did he know to do this, if he didn't have a copy of God's word to tell him?
  3. How many people were involved with the work of repairing the temple?
  4. When Hilkiah found the book, he gave it to a secretary, and the secretary took the book and read it to King Josiah. What was the secretary's name?
  5. When the king heard what was written and realized that Israel had not been following the law, he sent men to ask the Lord about it. What was God's response?
  6. What was the name of the person through whom God spoke his answer?
  7. What did Josiah do when he received God's answer?
  8. What are some things you have learned recently by studying God's word? How can you apply them to your life?
  9. How can you make time in your schedule to study God's word more?
If you need hints to answer some of the questions, look up the listed scripture passages.

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