1 John 2:3

Monday:1st John 2:3
Bible Lesson: David and the Lord's Anointed: Jesus should be lord and master of our lives.
Memory Verse: We know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands. 1st John 2:3
Introduction: Rationale
Hold up a posterboard with the verse written on it, and have the children read it as a group.
Someone tell me why we should memorize this verse? (Accept answers from the children. Example: because it's from the Bible.) This verse is from the New Testament, and was written by John, one of Jesus' twelve disciples. John is talking about how we can know that we know God.
Explanation: 1st John 2:3
Who is the him that we have come to know in this verse? (Jesus — see verses 1-2.) What does it mean to come to know Jesus? Verses 1 and 2 are talking about how Jesus paid for our sins, and how he sticks up for us and says we can go to heaven, even if we have sinned. If we have come to know him, that means we believe in and follow Jesus, and he sticks up for us. Does he stick up for just anybody? (No, only the people he knows.) So it's important to know him. We can know that we know him – and that he knows us – if we obey his commands, like the verse says.
Game: Covered Words
Cover up one word on the poster at a time, starting with small, unimportant words, and have the children read the verse as a group each time, inserting the missing words. Keep covering up words until the whole verse is covered up and the children can say the whole verse.
Announcement: Verse Points
Tomorrow, when you come to Bible School, if you can say your memory verse without looking, you can earn points for your team's score. Each person who can say the verse can earn 200 points. So, if you want to help your team win more points, go home and practice your verse a few times. Don't forget the reference! On your way out the door tonight, you will be given a slip of paper with your verse on it. Don't lose it, because if you learn your verse, your team gets 200 more points!
You can say your verse for points tomorrow when you check in at the registration table.

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